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Personal Development With Glam & Heart

Up Your Game Community is proud to support the Ramp The Cause Movement which was inspired by Sanrakshan Pte Ltd in Singapore and took on a whole new life in Bangalore, India and now expanding to Mumbai in preparation to scale globally in aid of Sanrakshan Pte Ltd’s Vision 25/25.

Positioned as a premium fashion fundraiser, we at UYG resonate with the all round personal development potential for participants and beneficiaries alike.

While participants get to gain in confidence, purpose, creativity, personal style & etiquette, presence and more, beneficiaries benefit from self awareness and self protection workshops that will be funded through this noble initiative.

Sharing with you below a note from the organisers themselves.

“All the best to Sanrakshan Pte Ltd, Faith Foundation and Ramp The Cause team.

Ramp The Cause – A unique fashion fundraiser initiative to raise 25 million safe children by 2025.

How beautiful it is to know that you cancreate a better world for 25 million children by 2025 globally.

How? By bringing your grace and light on the ramp and walking for the cause.

By helping us create this unique fundraiser event “Ramp The Cause’.
Ramp the Cause is a globally organized prestigious fashion fundraiser initiative of Sanrakshan Pte Ltd Singapore. The mission is to call people from all kinds of different backgrounds to come and walk the ramp to represent the causes that they strongly feel for.

Through our 6 different cause-centric themes we raise voices towards prevention, protection, equality, sustainability, and empowerment of women and children. Who says raising
awareness can only be done by protesting. Make the cause shine by bringing your inner beauty, grace, and light on the ramp.

Fund raised through this event supports the vision of Sanrakshan Pte Ltd that is to create safe spaces for 25 million children by 2025. Fund raised through Ramp the Cause India, goes to Sanrakshan’s nonprofit wing Faith Foundation trust.

Faith Foundation had already impacted 500,000 children in India towards their safety from abuse and they have also created the Guinness Book of World Record for conducting the largest child safeguarding session of the world.
Organisers of this initiative have a unique set of belief system.

They ask everyone ‘ Why do you protest when there are so many beautiful ways in which you can voice out your concern and make a difference.’ And this belief system made them come up with the idea of the ramp the cause.
Once you register as a participant for ramp the cause, your contribution enables one child to learn about its safety from abuse and molestation. While as a participant you gain a chance to walk the prestigious ramp with one person from your life whom you love and adore.

You also get to pamper yourself as the professional artists do your makeup, and you learn to walk the ramp too. You also get your professional photoshots and yummylicious food at an elite hotel of Mumbai. There are 6 different cause based themes to choose from.

You can express your creativity on the ramp through your dress, props or an elevated speech about the cause you are projecting out. There will be 6 crowned winners and one Global

Mini Diwedi, who won the title of Global Ambassador of Ramp the Cause in Bangalore was flown to Singapore to learn how she can further sustain her school for special needs children. She was also provided with special grooming and make session by Singapore’s finest style Etiquette Mentor ‘VanithaDevi Sarvanamutthu’.

The whole initiative is supported by brands and organizations who love to support social causes such as Gulabi Tribe, Women Cyber Security Cell, Brandzzup International, Roots360, Camera Traveller, Bizwingz production house, Buoyant Media, Style etiquette
Singapore, DOSE Singapore, Up Your Game Singapore and many more.

Bangalore event was also supported by actors like, Milind Soman, Sal Yousuf, Prasad Biddappa, Many famous local actors and models who also walked the ramp to support the cause.

So Mumbai what are you waiting for, open your heart, bring your grace, sizzle the ramp and make a difference.”

Women Empowering : Raeesah Khan

For as long as she can remember, Raeesah has always been concerned about the welfare of others and the inequalities she saw around her. This sense of empathy and concern followed her wherever she went, from her childhood in Jakarta to her teenage years in both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. She felt the need to help anyone in need everywhere she went.

She thanks her parents for teaching her the realities of life. From an early age, she was well-versed on the topics of inequality and privilege. She is aware of the privileges that her parents have earned for her and the fact that her privilege afforded her opportunities such as an international school education and a comfortable life. She understood that for her parents, life was hard, and everything they built was borne out of their perseverance without any institutional or systemic support.

She went into Murdoch University at 17 years of age with this mindset, desperate to do good in the world. She began participating in community work, volunteering and became an active member of the Murdoch Guild of Students — a student union tasked with representing over 50,000 students and managing four different commercial operations and a 3.1 million dollar budget. Eventually, she went on to lead the student union for a year as general secretary, followed by a year of presidency. Those two years were the height of her activism. From protesting in the streets against deregulation to planning conferences to sitting on the University Senate, she became the activist she had always envisioned herself to be. Starting movements and making real policy change.

Once her presidency ended, she decided to plant her shallow roots in Singapore, convincing herself that she would be able to continue her work as an activist.

This is how the Reyna Movement was born. The Reyna Movement is a regional organization that empowers marginalized women and children through community engagement and upskilling programs. Through the Reyna Movement she has continued her passion for empowering women and working in refugee communities. They now have a center dedicated to Rohingyas seeking refuge in Kuala Lumpur, called the Rohingya Refugee Education Center. The center provides primary school education facilities to over 30 students and is a place of learning, healing and development. In Singapore, they have done numerous outreach workshops and programs thanks to their partnerships with various organizations such as the Singapore University of Social Sciences and Casa Raudha. Through their work, she has been able to continue her fight for equality whilst strongly retaining her vision for an organization that practices a high standard of ethics.

This is Raeesah Khan. A #WomenEmpowered

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Up Your Game’s Death Cafe gets Featured in Straits Times Newspaper

Our recent Death Cafe Event got featured in the local Straits Times Newspaper.

Check out the article to find out what UYG Founder Rahul Shah and other attendees had to share about the session.


Also enjoy the pictures from the event.

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12 Life Lessons from a Man Who Has Seen 12000 Deaths

8. If/When you find your purpose, do something about it
To have awareness about one’s calling is great, but only if you do something about it.

A lot of people, Shukla says, know their purpose but don’t do anything about realising it, making it come to life. Simply sitting on it is worse than not having a calling in the first place. Having a perspective towards your purpose will help you measure the time and effort you need to dedicate to it, while you’re caught up in what you think you can’t let go or escape. Take action on what truly matters.”

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