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Celebrating Strength : Kate Farley, Female Boxer with Cerebral Palsy

Kate Farley is a victim of Cerebral Palsy. However she can pack a punch mightier than most.

Get inspired to rise above your own perceived limitations. Watch this video of Kate Farley by Unilad.

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Applying The Business Success Model To Our Daily Lives

Success Coach Jit Puru shares at UYG Conference 2017 about “Applying The Business Success Model To Our Daily Lives”.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for simple executable ways to live a more successful existence.

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Watch “Resilience Go-Live! 15 (Kalyan Bhatlapenumerthy)” on YouTube

Mindfulness Coach Kalyan shares a moving story of how he dealt with a emotional and challenging situation involving his 4 year old child mindfully and demonstrated resilience in doing so.

Catch him face to face on 25th January 2018 at UYG’s Mindfulness session from 7.00pm onwards at 99 Bistro, Lifelong Learning Institute.

SMS 9047 1666 for registration link. Limited seats left.

(Video By Resilience Go-Live! By Nica Foo)