Up Your Game Conference 2017

The inaugural Up Your Game Conference 2017 was an overwhelming success.

I am humbled by the flood of positive feedbacks still streaming in via whatsapp, emails, online evaluations and social media.

The idea was to have a day of value packed learning with a line up of diverse yet extremely giving and impactful speakers, all experts in their respective areas, to mark the second anniversary of Up Your Game 2016 – A Personal Development Community.

No ra-ra, no hard selling, no other agenda. Just pure sharing and learning.

Many people to thank for making this event meaningful and rewarding for all who attended.

Firstly, a huge shoutout to all the attendees. Your commitment and hunger for learning was inspiring in its own. To have taken your whole Saturday away from work, family, rest or other excuses you could have given yourself to not be there and like sponges to absorb every bit of valueable advice sent your way by oir speakers is truly commendable and applaudable. Thank you!

Next, no words can express my gratitude and appreciation towards our speakers. All of them, professionals of exceptional credentials and reputable stature, came and shared freely without holding anything back for no other reason than to help all the attendees get geared for a great 2018. I am deeply moved by each one of you.

Thank you Ebenezer Heng, Manoj Vasudevan, AbangAbu Abuayubul Ansari, Lin Yihan Ethan, Chia Kenneth, Vivek Iyyani, Dean Shams, Jit Puru, Tim Hamons, Hitesh Ramchandani & Vicky Vaswani!

Not to forget Tim’s lovely daughter Aurora for the beautiful performance.

This post cannot be complete without a special thanks to Jit Puru for not only being the ideal collaborator but truly being the very reason this conference was even possible. Thank you!

There were also a few others who stepped forward to help and truly examplified what it means to be a community.

Nora NJ, Resh Shekar, Stewart Tan, Samantha Lau, Renee Ismail (Videography), Parvitar Singh Khalsa & Huo Chuan (Photography). Thanks to each one of you for making this your own.

Not to forget Shilpa & Antara from Radio Masti! Thank you for supporting us all week.

Noor Mastura thank you for your surprise shoutout!

Grateful towards Lifelong Learning Council, LearnSG Fund, Lifelong Learning Institute and SkillsfutureSG for the support,sponsorships and having us as part of the Lifelong Learning Festival.

There are some of you who have been an integral part of the UYG Journey from day 1. Ujala, Sunil, Annette, Rohini, Elga, Vani, Akbar, James and all other past speakers and collaborators and venues, thank you for believing in this platform from a time when most others were were sceptical. You are the key reasons why we can inspire and empower so many today.

With all your continued support, we aspire to develop many more.

Thank you!

Rahul Shah


Up Your Game Community.

Get geared for 2018 with the line up of Singapore’s star speakers coming together just for one day at the Up Your Game Conference 2017.

Catch in action:

Author of “You Deserve Happiness” and Speaker, Jit Puru

World Champion of Public Speaking 2017, Manoj Vasudevan

Brand & Brain of the global Better Than Normal Movement, Hitesh Ramchandani & Vicky Vaswani

Founder of Personality Central and Personal Mastery expert, Lin Yihan Ethan

Public Relations Strategist, Dean Shams

Mr. Money Mechanic and CEO of Now Asia International, Abang Abu

Millenials Expert and Influencer, Vivek Iyyani

Founder of OnCoffeeMakers.com and Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence Expert, Ebenezer Heng

Up Your Game Community Founder and Personal Development Speaker, Rahul Shah

Tailor Extraordinaire and Speaker on “Made to Measure Life Choices”, Chia Kenneth

Visual Thinking Strategist, Tim Hamons

A lineup and an event that would minimally be valued at $188 is open for you to register for FREE as part of Up Your Game Community’s efforts to ensure a barrier-free access to personal development.

We only seek your commitment to yourself to bring out the best in you throughout 2018.

The event is organised by Up Your Game Personal Development Community, a social initiative by Path Layers Business Services.

We are privileged to be partnering with Jit Puru right after their ultra-successful Total Transformation Singapore 2017 event that set a new bar for learning events.

The conference is also being held as part of the Lifelong Learning Festival and supported by LearnSg Seed Fund and SkillsFutureSG. It is being hosted in the conducive Lifelong Learning Institute event hall.

Sign up now!

Lunch and refreshments included.

Register For Free Here

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