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Watch “Soul Conversations with Aarti Sharma Ep. 1”

Up Your Game Community presents thr first ever Soul Conversations with Aarti Sharma as conceptualised by Dose with Grace.

3 guests (Maddie, Eileen Yap & Dr. Vimala) join the first episode with soul conversations facilitator Aarti Sharma for an insightful session where they
discuss everything from motherhood to being in the flow to spirituality.

Session 5 : March 2016 Edition – Communicating for Greater Connections (Speaker 2 : Elga Magliocchi, Cross – Cultural Communications)

Meet Speaker No. 2:
Elga Magliocchi
Cross Cultural Communications – Setting Yourself Free

Elga is global citizen in every sense of the way. Born to an Italian father and Colombian mother, she was born and raised in Vanezuela. Her career has taken her from the corporate offices of Japan to the rice fields of Philippines and now the urban city state of Singapore.
Besides English, she is fluent in Italian, Spanish and a bit of Tagalog & Japanese. She watches Bollywood films and dances the African Kizomba as well as the Salsa.

In her sharing, Elga shares with us how we can break free from the shackles of cultural barriers to have more meaningful and deeper connections with those we meet and interact with.

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Session 5 : March 2016 Edition – Communicating for Greater Connections (Speaker 2 : Chris Reed, the World’s Most Viewed Person on LinkedIn)

Meet Speaker No. 2:
Chris Reed
Communicating Effectively on Social Media (LinkedIn).

Chris is an official LinkedIn Power Profile, has one of the World’s Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles with over 46,000 followers, is one of LinkedIn’s Most Influential Bloggers and is one of the Regions Top Social Sellers on LinkedIn.

He runs Black Marketing – enabling LinkedIn for you which now has a global presence.

In his sharing, Chris shares with us reason, tips and secrets on how to leverage on LinkedIn to build greater connections.

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Session 5: March Edition – Communicating for Greater Connections (Speaker 1: Benjamin Loh, Author of Inspirit)


Session 5: March Edition – Communicating for Greater Connections
Speaker 1: Benjamin Loh, Author of Inspirit

In his sharing, Benjamin addresses the issue of self-image and self-belief. He talks about how your personal beliefs affect what people perceive of you.

Whether you are a common enthusiast, a professional speaker or a CEO, listen to how Ben leverages on his resources and his motivation to build his career, and how you can as well.

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