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Lessons on Success & Branding from Joseph Schooling’s Collaborations

So a friend asked what can one learn from this picture about branding & success.

Here is my answer:

If I were to read this bottom up, my learnings are this:

1) Milo : before u become a champion, you need to have Energy.

2) One Championship : You gotta be willing to give a good fight. Even take a few blows. You stay down after being knocked down or out or up, you lose. So try to get back up with you wanna stand a chance.

3) Borneo Motors : You gotta have drive. If one vehicle doesn’t work, try the second if not the third. Regardless of the ride, keep the drive.

4) Speedo : Equip yourself right. Get the right gear / resources. Attitude, Skills & Knowlege are also resources.

5) Canon. You may not get the perfect shot at the first attempt. You may not get a second shot either. But keep adjusting your settings/efforts till you are able to turn whatever you shoot for into something worth remembering for life. Frame yourself and shoot for success.

6) Hugo Boss : Impressions matter. If you wanna be successful, look and smell like it. Wear the right style, the right attitude and the right image. Moat importantly build a reputable brand by being Authentically You.

7) Tag Heuer: Keep track of time always. Appreciate your good times. Acknowlege your bad times. Understand the limitedness of you within time. Use time wisely. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t waste it away in senseless chaos either. Optimise it.

8 ) Yakult : Your Gut matters. Trust your instincts. Also stay healthy. Health is the first requirement to Happiness. Nurture a culture of Positivity. Nurture a Positive Nature.

9) DBS Bank : Invest in Financial Literacy. Good money sense helps make sense of money. You know you have arrived when the bank pays you 😀

*Rahul Shah is a Communications Speaker, Author & Strategist. He is currently writing a book, “Life of Cheese”.

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